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    Quality control >> Quality control  

    Quality control

    R&D Staff
    10 to 29

    Machinery/Equipment for R&D                                         

    Optimized Auto-CAD facilities
    Machining center
    Length measuring meter
    Taylor roundness contour graph measuring instrument
    Groove curvature meter
    Roughness measuring system
    Fatigue life tester for bearings                  

    Patents & Copyrights
    ISO 9001/QS 9000


    Yueqing and Hangzhou


    The principle of our R&D department is: according to every customer's requirements and applications, to develop and design the most optimized products.
    Optimized computerized designs of new products, especially customized bearings, are presented to customers' approval.
    To supply a prototype as per approved design for customers final approval.
    Mass production will be carried out after customers' final approval.
    Necessary improvement will be made according to customers' feedback.


    In the whole course from purchasing of raw materials to every process of production, our bearings are all strictly and carefully inspected to guarantee quality. Besides the basic and normally used testing instruments, the company also adopts the following testing and inspecting instruments to control the production processes and finshed products.

    PC high-speed automatic carbon and sulfur analyser

    High-speed digital display automatic analyser

    Metallurgical microscope

    Roundness measuring equipment

    Groove curvature inspecting instrument

    Surface roughness inspecting instrument

    Bearing vibration inspecting instrument (Acceleration & Speed)

    Some of our instruments
    Chemical Analysis                  Micrological Analysis                  Products Testing
            Metal Graphic Test                           CAD                                 Oil Analysis